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Tatyana's Grampsy loved birds. Chickadees and woodpeckers visited his window feeder, orioles came when he whistled, and once a goldfinch even landed on his toe! When this mug shape was first created, it reminded us of his coffee cup. 

This mug series, featuring hand-drawn Canadian backyard birds, is in honour of Grampsy and his legacy of love for nature.


Made from white stoneware, each bird is inlaid into the surface using a mishima technique, then handpainted in a watercolour style. Mugs are glazed inside and out with a complimentary colour in a satin finish. Grampsy's mugs are dishwasher safe.


8-9cm tall, holds approximately 300ml Please note: this is a handmade item; slight variations in size, shape and finish are to be expected.

Grampsy's Mugs

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